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Maxillofacial surgery contains pathologies such as cysts and tumors, tooth and maxilla fractures, coming out of impacted tooth, revisions on hard tissues and soft tissues of the mouth. Maxillofacial pains, submaxilla joint diseases, salivary gland diseases are in the working area of maxillofacial surgery.

Also implantation which has been implemented frequently in recent years and in case of absence of adequate bone for implantation advanced implant surgery applications such as putting bone grafts take place in the branch.

Maxillofacial surgery includes maxillofacial anomalies which are congenital or emerge later. These anomalies are often lip-palate clefts, chewing function disorders and unfavourable aesthetic appearance because of back or forth positioning of the maxilla or submaxilla.

Diagnostic Procedures

Maxillofacial surgeons use both traditional ways such as rontgen and advanced tecniques which provide three dimensional bone model of the patient. Thus an operation plan can be made exactly by establishing a final diagnosis. To be succesful in the course of diagnosis and treatment, it is required a multidisciplinary working with other areas of expertise of dentistry as orthodontics, prosthodontics.

Treatment Methods

Surgical operations which are related to dental and maxillofacial diseases can be operated under local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia. After big surgical operations patients are kept under observation as inpatient treatment. While surgical operations are being made, it is considered patient’s comfort, existing diseases, fear and anxiety with the treatment.   


Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s  medical patient examination or making diagnosis.