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What is Tooth Extraction?

It is to remove teeth which don’t reply to protective treatment approaches and can’t be saved by filling or root canal treatment beause of decay and infection.

If it is necessary to extract your tooth, things to take into account:

Before Tooth Extraction?  

  • If you have a disease (cardiac, diabetes, hypertension) or take medicine, you must inform your doctor about them. Also women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant inform their doctors about it.
  • To brush your teeth and to gargle with antiseptic mouthwash will minimise infections which ocur after tooth extraction.

Why are Teeth Extracted?

  • Teeth which can’t be saved by treatment because of advanced decay and loss of material.
  • Broken teeth which can’t be treat.
  • Abscessed teeth which can’t be saved despite root canal treatment.
  • Dangling teeth because advanced gingivitis.
  • Milk teeth which can’t leave at the right time.
  • Troubler teeth because of extreme position change (turning, rolling over)
  • Teeth which are in cysts or tumors.
  • Due to lack of space some teeth can be extracted to help orthodontic treatment

After Tooth Extraction?

  • Don’t gargle your mouth minimum half hour. Gargling the mouth prevents blood clot formation and delays recovering of extraction wound.
  • After tooth extraction bite strongly tampon which your dentist will place about 15-20 minutes and swallow as usual. To save saliva in the mouth or spit continuously also prevents blood clot formation and can cause continuance of bleeding.
  • After tooth extraction, bleeding in the form of leak will become. This bleeding can last about 6-24 hours. Your blood can stain your saliva. Thus you can think that you bleed out too much, be calm. You can consult your dentist.
  • After tooth extraction you can have a pain. Except aspirin you can take any medicine. Particularly, while your narcotism removes, the pain can reach to maximum level. This is a normal condition, don’t worry.
  • Because teeth hang on jawbone, after extraction the bone emerges and you can think that a piece of tooth stay there. Don’t tamper this zone. In a few days, the open bone will be covered by your gingiva.
  • Avoid hot and bitter food which can cause irritation on extraction zone.
  • After extraction, don’t smoke and drink for 24 hours.
  • If possible, shortly after extraction don’t drive.
  • After extraction, if possible put a high pillow under your head and take a rest. Also don’t have hot bath.
  • After 24 hours following extraction, you can continue normal oral care practices.
  • If there are puffing on your face, bleeding which exceeds 24 hours, bad taste in the mouth and smell, immediately call your doctor.

Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s  medical patient examination or making diagnosis.