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Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry is a discipline which aims to keep healthy of milk and permanent teeth of children (0-14 ages) and to treat diseases.

All necessary dental treatments are applied to children by pedodontists. That children’s oral and dental health is perfect depends on regular dentist control semi-annually. In the course of these controls, all kinds of problems which threatens their oral and dental health can be determined. Here important thing is early diagnosis and treatment of the problems. Early diagnosis in pediatric patient will affect child’s physical and emotional development positively.

The first examination in pediatric patient begins with communication with both child and child’s parents. After introduction, the patient’s medical and dental story is listened to.

Next, clinic and radiographic examination begins. After these stages, patient and patient’s parents are informed about treatment planning. Pedodontists apply alot of methods to protect milk and permanent teeth from main oral diseases as decay and periodontal diseases.

These methods involve teaching oral hygiene, getting children adopt brushing habit, teaching brushing tecnique, making systemic and topical floride applications, implementing fissure sealants.

Floride Applications

Floride treatments which are accepted as the most effective treatment way in preventive dentistry can be applied in healthy individuals, decay-prone individuals, in the treatment of sensitiveness and erosion of teeth, in individuals who have a systemic disorder and need special care. Frequency and quantity of the applications are determined according to patient’s age and decay risk.   

Fissure Sealants

Anatomically indentations and dentations on chewing surfaces of molar teeth constitute zones which food may stick with.

Decays originate in these zones which are difficult to be cleaned. Fissure sealants helps forming a surface which will shallow the surfaces, minimise cohering of food, make easier brushing. After clinical applications, it has been known that %70-80 decrease is in decay formation.


Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s  medical patient examination or making diagnosis.