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What is Denture?

All artificial formations which replace lost teeth, eliminate aesthetical defects and meet aesthetical and functional needs are dentures.

Losses of teeth generally arise from decay, not being treated gingival diseases and some accidents. In the place of lost teeth, dentures which are functional and have the same function with healthy teeth can be made.

What is the Purpose of Denture?

Patients regain their lost functions, at the same time speech recovery and aestetical appearance goes better.

Losses of teeth cause injury of self-confidence alongside functional impairments. It has been aimed to increase such patients’quality of living.

Denture Types

1. Fixed dentures (Cohesive dentures like crown-bridge)

    - Single crown (in the form of crowning single-tooth.)

    - Bridges (crowning missing teeth and adjacent teeth together)

    - Implant-supported dentures (embedded screws and dentures on maxilla)

2. Removable dentures (Complete or partial dentures)

 - Complete dentures (They are applied to edentulous mouths)

  - Partial dentures (They are applied to partial edentulous mouths. Coronoids or rests called clasp are used on teeth)

 - Precision attachment dentures (Again they are applied to partial edentulous mouths, metal-backed, hookless dentures.

3. Implant-Supported Dentures (Fixed or Removable)

   - Fixed (porcelain crowns which are applied to single or more than one tooth)

    -Removable (Dentures like complete which are applied to edentulous mouths)

Laminate Veneer

What is Laminate Veneer-Dental Veneer?

It is a cosmetic solution which is applied in tooth disorders which affect the appearance negatively.

It is a treatment which aims to solve aesthetical problems on anterior teeth by fixating porcelain layers on front face of teeth.

Alongside providing a natural beauty for teeth with its durableness and constant colour, it provides a natural function.

These veneers which are made of porcelain are thin and semipermeable layers. They are placed on an existing tooth with a perfect harmony and sensitiveness.