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Tooth Bleaching


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Tooth Bleaching

Bleaching is the operation of removing discolouration on teeth (dentine layer).

Who is Applied Tooth Bleaching To?

Almost everyone! But there are some situations that the treatment is inefficiency. Convenience of your teeth is determined with intraoral examination and diagnosis by your doctor. If your teeth are healthy, bleaching is an ideal solution to whiter and natural smile. Here a point to consider that the colour of porcelain teeth and filling are stable and can’t whiten with bleaching.       

Tooth Bleaching Application, Preparation

Before bleaching, decays should be treated. The reason is that bleaching solution can get through decays and reach to inner parts.

Tooth Bleaching Methods

There are 2 bleaching methods:

1.Home Bleaching

It is a method which the patient can apply on her/his own.

Stages are:

  • Dentist measures the size of mouth and has thin rubber moulds preapared.


  • Patient wears this mould by placing the solution on it minimum 6-8 hours a day preferably asleep.


  • The treatment ends about 1-4 months.


2. Office Bleaching

It is applied by a dentist in a clinic.

  • Bleaching solution is placed on teeth by the dentist.


  • Dentist sets white-coloured light source to related tooth for a while.


  • When the application ends, the result will be observed immediately.

Tooth bleaching operation can be applied both all alive, healthy teeth and discoloured teeth (due to root canal treatment, silver filling etc.)

Why do the Undesirable Stains Form on Teeth?

There are a lot of reasons. The most common reasons are consumption of things which colours teeth (coffee, tea, smoke etc.), old dentures, crownings and fillings. Also antibiotic and excessive fluoride consumption can cause discolouration.

Will Teeth Revert Back After Bleaching?

  • Teeth will be whiter than former. But to extend the time depends on patient’s oral hygiene.


  • It should not be forgotten that bleaching application doesn’t always provide intended whiteness. The rate of bleaching depens on colour of your teeth and varies from person to person.


  • Exaggerated whiteness may not usually be aesthetical. In perpetuity, a natural colour which is suitable for your face and mouth will be more aesthetical.   


Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s  medical patient examination or making diagnosis.