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The goal in aesthetic dentistry is to create artificial teeth which are compatible with the person’s face, natural-looking form.

Artificial teeth which are in exaggerated form and colours at first sight are distinguished even by an amateur eye. Thus, in aesthetic dentistry rigorous preparation and planning stage are required.

Clinical and Radiological Examination: Before passing to the aesthetical solutions, general oral and dental examination is made to evaluate patient’s oral and dental health. By taking patient’s total oral rontgen (Panoramic x-ray), the course is decided.

Model: A model of teeth and peripherial tissues is obtained by measuring the size of submaxilla and maxilla. Evaluation is made on these models.       


By taking photos of face, smile and oral, images in every aspect are acquired.


The problematic parts of teeth and gingival are evaluated on patient’s photos and models by thinking all face. During appreciations, esthetically problematic parts are shown patient on her/his photos and models, patient is informed about solving problems and then treatment planning is made. If it is required comprehensive treatment for solving existing esthetical problems, necessary consultations will be made with periodontists and orthodontists together. A new smile is designed consonant with the patient’s face and lip pattern. The new smile which is designed with sizes measured from mouth and models formed in laboratory can be shown the patient. Also photos related to premade smile designs are shown. Thus patient can see the first aspect and after the treatment final aspect of people who have had similar problems.

Gingivectomy (Regulation of Gingival Levels)

When we smile,  we encounter cases commonly that gingival seems too much or gingival is asymmetrical because shortness of tooth length. In these cases, tooth length can be extended or rendered symmetrical with an easy intervention by a periodontolog. After providing gingival harmony, various esthetical regulations, if needed, can be made by prosthodontists.


Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s  medical patient examination or making diagnosis.