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Endodontics is a department in which root canal treatments are realised.

When it comes to endodontic treatment, generally root canal treatment comes to mind. The most frightening treatment is root canal treatment in tooth treatment operations. Nowadays root canal treatment is made at single-session in alive teeth, at two-sessions in dead teeth.

Dental Anatomy

The appearing part of tooth is called as crown, nonvisible part which is in bone is called as root. Our teeth comprise of a few layers. Outmost of the crown part is called as tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is one of the hardest tissues in our body. Cement layer covers on root part which our teeth stay within the gingival. There is a dentin layer under enamel and cement layers. The speciality of dentin is that it is the biggest layer of tooth and embodies nerve endings. With this speciality, dentin plays a role in ache mechanism.

Under the dentin layer there is dental pulp. In this part there are veins and nerves of tooth. Dental pulp plays an important role in tooth eruption and development. Also after erupting with ache mechanism transmits tooth problems to us.

How is Dental Pulp Suppurated?

There are bacterias in everyone’s oral cavity. They don’t damage as long as undesirable contidions won’t take place. Bacterias provide formation of acids in our mouths by combining with food. If we don’t remove these acids, they damage the enamel and cause decays on enamel layer. If decays on the enamel aren’t treated, decays get throuh dentin layer. Although dentin layer warns us via ache, if decays aren’t treated again, this time microrganisms go on dental pulp. Meanwhile dental pulp puts in place various ways to protect itself. One of the ways to warn us via ache. But again if we don’t have our teeth treated, after a while microrganisms will cause imflammation by devastating veins and nerves in the pulp.

Another reason of imflammation in dental pulp is trauma. A strike to the tooth can cause breakage of veins and nerves which enter tooth root and the tooth dies. In addition this situation also microrganisms cause pulp imflammation.

Another reason of pulp imflammation is that there is a long duration periodontal disease around the tooth.  

How Is An Infected Tooth Found Out?

It can be mentioned that there is an inflammation and begginning of an imflammation in case of aches and sensibilities of teeth to cold and hot food and while eating. Also excessive colour changes can be a sign to an inflammation. Apart from these, in untreated teeth the decay reaches to pulp, infection moves from root apex to maxilla and this case can cause big or small swelling on face. In the circumstances, in struggle with the infection use of antibiotics is suitable alongside the dentist’s some applications. General opinion is that tooth extraction should be made after taking down of swelling. However, this opinion is bygone. Teeth which cause such big infections can be protected and this tooth can serve you like a healtyh tooth for years.


Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s  medical patient examination or making diagnosis.