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Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

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Oral diagnosis is a department which undertakes diagnosis and treatment planning of oral diseases and systemic diseases that show indications in mouth.

We don’t meet with only decay teeth and inflammatory gingival in the mouth. As accepted in the world, maxilla and temporomandibular joint, salivary glands, all soft tissue diseases on tongue and in the mouth interests dentistry. These structures and tissues take a small space but constitute a complicated structure anatomically.

A lot of systemic diseases show important indications in the mouth. For example, in case of diabetes gingival diseases progress in less than no time. Recurrent aphtous ulcers can be the first symptoms of behcet disease. Thus it has been necessary that an apart department comes about and Oral Diagnosis and Radiology has undertaken this work.

Dental X-Rays

The most important assistant is radiography in a word dental x-rays in diagnosis of oral diseases especially hard tissue diseases like tooth and maxilla. Commonly used two dental x-rays are periapical films (small films showing 2-3 teeth) and panoramic films (big films showing all upper and bottom teeth and all maxilla). Computer aided digital radiography machines enable evaluating in detail by using low radiation and facilitating light and colour playings on the film. Besides all these, especially in implant applications and diagnosis of joint diseases also MR and BT can be asked contributively.   

Diagnosis and Treatment

With all these methods we can see and diagnose visible dentition (1/3) and invisible dentition (2/3), inflammation in the maxilla and impacted tooth. A true diagnosis provides true treatment planning. Thus all necessary treatment needs are determined early and prevented the occurence of bigger problems in the future.

In the department of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, patient’s personal and medical information aren’t shared with third parties.

In the deparment of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, after recording, patients are examined in detail. Then in accordance with treatment needs one tooth or one more teeth are x-rayed and treatment planning is made.

In accordance with treatment plannig, our patients are directed to dentists who are specialist in their area and treatment starts. A work of our department is to answer patient’s all questions related treatment planning and its duration.


Note: The information in this web site is to inform, this informing never means that a doctor’s medical patient examination or making diagnosis.