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Recently, it has been encountered with a lot of publications about fluoride which don’t comply with scientific data and truths. Existence of such publications which aren’t based on scientific evidences has obliged Turkish Dental Association to publish an ‘Information Report’. Our pupose is to draw attention to the effect of fluoride in oral and dental health and to inform the public.

Continuity of tooth enamel has been maintained with a dynamic balance. While bacteria and sugar in oral cavity affect negatively this balance, the positive effects of saliva and fluoride have been proved scientifically. 

World Health Organization (WHO), Word Dental Federation (FDI), Europe Pediatric Dentistry Association (EAPD) and American Pediatric Dentistry Association (AAPD) have explained with scientific reports that fluoride applications such as fluorination of drinking water are effective in minimising tooth decays.

Brushing teeth two times a day with fluoride toothpaste which the dentist has recommended amount plays an important role in minimising tooth decays, besides fluoride applications by a dentist in people who have high decay risk are effective to prevent decay formation.

Recently, it has been claimed that taking overdose systemic fluoride causes mental deficiency and some health problems. In these scientific researches which this news is based on, natural drinking water which contains over toxic dose fluoride has been used.

Whereas oral fluoride resources which are used to prevent decays don’t contain toxic dose flouride and are reliable. Dentists have enough education and abilities to take precaution in fluoride applications. Fluoride which is taken adequate amounts according to medical advice doesn’t have adverse side effects of human health.

We bring to the public attention respectfully.

Turkish Dental Association